Thursday, January 7, 2010

Google's New Mobile Phone Nexus

Google has launched new mobile smart phone called the NEXUS , which expected to be sold as hot cakes across globe . But it hasn't been launched in all countires , that came as a dissappointment to many people across India including Hyderabad. This has got every thing which one wishes to have in this phone and is expected to capture considerable space of Apple's iphone in the coming days. The Internet giant Google anounced the touch-screen device on first Tuesday of January it is the culmination of collaboration with Taiwanese electronics titan HTC, a superphone that marked the next step in the evolution of its Android software across the globe. Nexus One handsets are no thicker than pencils and no heavier than keychain Swiss Army knives was claimed by Google's engineer Erick Tseng said while demonstrating one of the Google's smartphones.

Price of this Google Nexus One in India when launched is expected to be high in the intial days and will settle down after few months . Other mobile phone giant Nokia has to come up with some thing new and innovative that can give some strong competition to Nexus One. Currently Nexus one handsets are offered with collaboration of T Mobile Service in USA at a price tag of 179 dollars. Later in the coming days Nexus one will be sold in the Google's web stores at price tag of 529 dollars which will be unlocked version. If we have a people choice award ceremony for Smart phones and We are made the jury members we will give it straight away to Googles Nexus One.

This smart phone will be top on most desired smart phone for the year 2010 in India. I am personally a great fan of all Google products and I am eagerly waiting to get hands on this smart phone. Do leave your comments and feedback about Nexus One here.


®eÐ ®oßiñ said...

You could have atleast put up a photo or something. People would just like to rather see the phone, instead of reading the matter you might have posted by copying from some other blog or article !!!!

Deebz said...

thnxs fr d updates